This spring, we traveled to Mexico City to study the neighborhood of Santa Maria la Ribera. Located just outside of the historic center of the city, we found a place rich with history and culture. Our research, before, during, and after our travels centered on the commons and the possibilities which commoning might present for new ways of living. Using the vecindad, a unique typology of multifamily housing, as a jumping off point for our research, we looked for opportunities to intervene upon, add to, and strengthen the commons.

The research on this page was conducted by the studio in an effort to better understand the neighborhood of Santa Maria la Ribera: its context, its form, its culture, and the possibilities for commoning that exist within it.

With the research as a consistent driver of our work, we sought to expand and spread the properties of commoning across four blocks in the neighborhood, imagining Santa Maria la Ribera as a commons of the future.


Tatiana Bilbao & Andrei Harwell